Career Consulting Process

  • Complimentary 15 Minute Career Consulting Session
  • Purchase
  • Career Objectives Review
  • Skype Session
  • Feedback

Complimentary 15 Minute Career Consultation

Use the online scheduling system on the website to schedule your consultation. You will get a confirmation email for the date and time you selected. Prior to the consultation, please send us your current resume, the link to your Linkedin Profile and any other information that you think would be helpful such as a link to a couple of the jobs you are interested in. Feel free to tell us some of the things you would like to discuss during the session and any specific questions you would like to have answered. During the session, your career counselor will answer as many of the questions that you have during the 15 minutes and provide feedback on the types of services that you might benefit from. We might recommend one of our packages or we might recommend one or more of our individual services. You are under no obligation to purchase any of the recommended services and the consultation is complimentary. At the end you should leave with a good understanding of where you need assistance.


You can purchase the services we recommended during the consultation or you can choose the services that best fit your current budget or needs at the time you order. We have a number of deeply discounted packages that we have bundled based on our many years of experience of working with over 5000 clients. We also understand that you might want to purchase services over time as you go through the job search process and identify areas where you would like to improve your skills. We have made it easy for you to order a package of services all at once or order our services individually over time. This makes us different from other career consulting services that force you to order a bundle of services and pay thousands of dollars up front not knowing if they are the right services for you.

Career Objectives Review

Once you order the services you need from our website, you will receive a confirmation email with the services you ordered and a questionnaire designed to help us understand your objectives in more detail. Are you someone who has been in the same field and type of position for the last 20 years and is looking to make a career change? Are you a recent college grad who is still looking for their first job or decided after a year that it was not what you expected and want to move on? We have helped many clients in these types of situations and many others. The questionnaire is our way of getting to know you and what you are looking to accomplish with your career. Your Career Counselor will use this questionnaire to help us tailor the Skype session or sessions you have purchased so we can help you succeed.

Skype Session

Our Skype sessions last anywhere from the 30 minutes to 2 hours and each one comes with an outline and package of information to guide you through the session and make it easy for you to review what we discussed after the session is over. Our Job Search Strategies session lasts 30 minutes and is designed to help you understand the 6 most important steps of the job search process. It is a great primer if you are just getting started or have found your efforts to date are not working effectively. Our Career Networking Strategies will help you understand the power of networking including using LinkedIn and the 8 most effective networking strategies we have seen work over the years. If you are getting interviews but not getting call backs, then our Interview Coaching and Mock Interview sessions are great ways to improve your skills in this critically important part of the job search process. Lastly, we have helped many clients maximize the value of their Compensation Package by learning how to negotiate an offer based on what is most important to you.


After the Skype session is over, we will provide feedback on how well we feel you grasped the concepts and strategies we reviewed with you. We will make sure you know which areas you need to focus on to be successful and which strategies should work best given your current skills and experience