Alison B., Tallahassee, Florida / Administrative and Support Service

Figured I’d share a short anecdote.

One year ago, I was out spamming my awful resume for months with not as much as a response. I was desperate to get out of retail so I had no standards at all. Still, it took me forever to get land a job, and even then it was only a contract. Plus, from what I’ve seen from the other contractors who got hired, it seems their general method of hiring was “hire everybody, keep the good ones, fire the bad ones”. The contracting company found me as well, so out of hundreds of job apps I sent out, I didn’t get a single call back, and was only found by this company through a mass e-mail that I responded to which most ignore.

Now I’m looking for work again because I’ve stagnated and promises to hire me as a Full Time employee are completely empty and the work is going downhill. I figured I’d do the same thing as I did before, just spam out my resume and see who gets back to me. The only difference is that this time I have a new resume and one more year of relevant work experience.

Out of 10 resumes I sent out, I’ve gotten one e-mail and two phone calls asking for an interview in less than an hour. And I turned them all down, because the money wasn’t good enough, pay that I would’ve killed for a year ago.

I’m excited to see what will happen when I actually put proper effort into this, and be more picky with my spam.

e: And I should also mention the company I interviewed with who REALLY want me that I’m awaiting a new offer from after I turned their measly first one down.

I’m not very good at this whole “finding work” thing but it’s already shaping up to be a lot better than last time.