Harold, L., Buffalo, New York / Finance and Economics

Just wanted to give more props to RESUME TO INTERVIEWS here:

I got my resume done about a year ago but was not ready to move out of where I was. About 10 days ago I decided I wanted to move to a different area and started applying. I have gotten call backs from pretty much every single position (Network Engineering/Administration) I applied for, each job offering over $7k+/year than what I’m getting now. Hell, I am even getting callbacks from jobs I turned down up to 3 MONTHS AGO.

Right now I’m on my last interview for a position for a 9 billion dollar company. At first this company wanted to do a 1 year contract to hire position but a combination of this resume and my excellent interviewing skills they decided on a permanent position instead! I may not take it as I am currently in talks with 3 other big companies I’m more interested in.