Can you write International CVs for clients outside of the United States in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Australia, etc.?

Resume to Interviews is based in the U.S., but that does not mean we can’t produce effective CVs for clients all over the world. When we first launched the service in 2007, we had to research national differences and learn what local job markets and potential employers required and preferred. But after writing hundreds of international CVs, we are well aware of those differences.

Each country has unique formatting, preferred length, and presentation requirements. We are also well aware that much of the English speaking world differs from American English in the spelling of words like “colour” and “specialising.” We also know how to navigate differences in schooling and education systems. For instance, in the United Kingdom students complete GCSEs and A-Levels which need to be documented on an international CV, whereas an American high school student will typically just graduate with a “High School Diploma,” which isn’t worth mentioning if the student has then gone onto pursue higher education.

We have worked with hundreds of clients from the U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa, as well as countries like Mexico, Switzerland, Finland, etc. where English is not the native tongue. As long as you can provide answers to our questions in English, we can create an excellent CV in English.

Good communication is good communication, and while we are aware of national differences, the general principles of effectively presenting work history and accomplishments are universal.

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