How are you able to write my resume without having worked in my industry?

This is a perfectly valid question that we get asked all the time. There are actually many reasons why we are able to write you an industry resume having never worked in your industry. In fact, we believe not having worked in your industry makes us BETTER at writing industry resumes or CVs for your industry than someone who has worked in it. Here are some things to think about in response to this important question.

1. If you’re sticking to the industry standard, you aren’t going to stand out.

What happens in many industries is that a few people start deciding what the industry resume or CV should look like? These requirements get passed on as resume or CV advice, not because it’s particularly good advice, but because most hiring people see the same kinds of resumes all the time, so they decide what the best half look like and start insisting that everyone’s resume look like that. That’s fine, and we certainly want to mirror what hiring people are looking for.

The fact of the matter is, however, if you are seeking advice from industry managers or hiring people about writing your industry resume, you aren’t going to get advice on how to make a resume or CV that is BETTER than everybody else’s. You’re just going to get advice on how to make a resume or CV that fits the industry standard. Basically, you are going to get told how to make a resume or CV that the hiring people are used to seeing. You are going to get told how to make an industry resume or CV that will look like everybody else’s.

How does that help you get a job?

There’s a very big difference between the type of resume someone likes to see and the type of resume that is better than what they’ve seen before.

You can’t give advice on how to create something you haven’t seen before.

We have done enough industry resumes from every conceivable industry to know what people are requiring. We also know that the best resumes aren’t what people are looking for and used to seeing, they’re BETTER than that.

By being outside of your industry, we can look at your resume with a clear set of eyes. We can create something better than what people are used to seeing. We can make you stand out while still displaying everything hiring managers are seeking.

2. HR people are the first to read resumes, not the people in your field.

Often, people think the information on their resume or CV is perfectly clear, and it might be, if the reader is an expert in your field. But experts in your field aren’t the one’s screening your resume. HR people are the first to read your resume. Even if those HR people are in your industry, they aren’t going to be able to understand stuff you take for granted if you don’t make it comprehensible to lay people. Because we aren’t experts in the field, we can be sure that we are asking the right questions to make your experience as clear as possible to the HR people who will be reading the resume first, while still including the technical skills and accomplishments that industry experts want to see.

3. Our industry is resume and CV’s.

You are creating an industry resume or CV. So you want to hire someone who is in expert in that field. You know your work history; you don’t need someone else to tell you what you did. Our service combines our resume and CV writing expertise with your knowledge of your work history. We know how to gather knowledge from you, and we don’t assume anything about your career based on preconceived notions or industry biases.

4. Technical people are often really bad at communicating.

Sorry, but this is a fact that we see reinforced daily. People who do technical things are often really bad at explaining them to non-technical people. You don’t want to have an engineer write you a resume any more than you would want us to try and build a bridge. We could explain really well how a bridge is supposed to look, but we couldn’t build one. And an engineer might know what a resume or CV is supposed to look like, but he or she probably can’t build as effective one as we can. These are different skill sets.

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