What is your strategy for addressing employment gaps?

We have handled many resumes and CVs with large employment gaps in them for various reasons, and while there’s really no way to hide it, there are tricks we can use to minimize the emphasis that’s placed on it.

Common methods of hiding employment gaps include focusing attention on any kinds of committees or clubs, such as school boards, PTA, any kind of group like that, or sometimes listing hobbies as “Independent Projects” to fill in the gaps. However, the truth is that employment gaps are a bit more forgivable today than they were ten years ago. People are often unemployed for several years for varying reasons, and, depending on the industry, employers are forced to be a bit more understanding.

The BEST way to protect against that gap is to make sure the job content that you do have is as concise and thorough and detailed as possible, so that we can make employers interested before they even have time to check the dates.

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