What’s my role in the resume review process

ResumetoInterviews.com require your participation in this resume review process. No one understands your background and accomplishments better than you, so there will be details that you will need to fill in and incorporate. This will assist us in identifying your most important skills and expertise. Both of us will continue working on revisions throughout the resume review process to come up with the best document possible.

If you only want ResumetoInterviews.com to create a document without the back and forth editing process this is not the right service for you.

ResumetoInterviews.com is confident that the final version will be able to secure many interviews if used properly. That means applying to many jobs rather than a select few job openings. However, ResumetoInterviews.com do not guarantee that desired interviews nor jobs will be secured as a result of a resume or CV alone; there are far too many determinant factors involved throughout the job search process that are beyond ResumetoInterviews.com’s control as a writer, and ResumetoInterviews.com will not be held accountable for neither a customer’s lack of qualifications nor ineffective job search efforts. This could include issues such as sending the resume as a .docx rather than a .doc, saving the document in OpenOffice which could corrupt the formatting, applying to very few jobs, not meeting minimum qualifications, etc.

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