Why do I need to review the final draft of the resume for misspellings of technical skills, certifications, buzzwords, or acronyms?

We ask that you proofread the final draft of your resume to correct any misspellings of technical skills, certifications, buzzwords, or acronyms. Obviously, this begs the question “why am I paying you to work on my resume if I’m the one editing and reviewing the final draft?”

Don’t worry, we are editing, proofreading, and double checking everything on your document. We include this request because we have had clients that include scientists mapping the genome and researchers working at the Hadron Collider. Some of the terminology on these documents can get incredibly esoteric and technical, and we just ask that our clients make sure we are representing these terms in the best way possible in accordance with their industry expertise.

Resume proofreading is crucial. We strive to do this ourselves, but as a matter of due diligence we ask our clients review the document through the lens of their own technical knowledge and industry expertise to double check that everything is as clear, accurate, and effective as possible.

The basis of the entire service relies on the union of our resume and CV expertise and your industry expertise to ensure the best resume proofreading. No one knows your history better than you. That’s why we’ve created a process that is a collaboration, because if your resume or CV doesn’t represent your experience, and instead represents a general understanding of your job type, then your resume is not going to get you a job.

No one hires a generalization. Employers hire individuals who stand out and have resumes and CVs that are uniquely their own.

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