Why must we work by email rather than phone?

You may be wondering why we use email correspondence. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that it’s really hard to ask good questions and provide good answers without writing them down. We need thorough, in-depth answers with specific numbers. This means you might need to do some research and really think about and remember the specifics of your previous position. We also need to really analyze your content, think about it, and mess with the wording to come up with questions used to gather more details. Neither our questions nor your responses are going to be as good if we are forced to improvise them. Think of the difference between being asked to give an impromptu toast and having one written down. The one you think about and write down is going to be significantly better.

The second reason is time. It takes longer to go back and forth over the phone and even though it takes longer less information is conveyed. The part of this service that really separates RTI from other resume writers is our thoroughness, and the way we can keep covering the same territory until we find something really useful that you might not have even realized had value on a resume. The multiple drafts via email correspondence are what make this happen. It’s much easier to do this than to set up multiple times to talk on the phone.

In the end we are creating a document, so we should be working on the document. This is what has worked for thousands of clients. Remember, we aren’t trying to create a resume that’s as good as everyone else’s. We are creating a resume or CV that is BETTER than everybody else. That’s how you get job. It’s a bit more effort, but creating a superior resume or CV takes that extra effort.

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