Why should I pay for a traditional resume when it really doesn’t matter how it looks anymore since most companies just scan them into a database and run keyword searches on them anyway?

This is a really good question, to which we have another really good answer.

While it may be very true that a growing number of job boards and company websites are requesting that you upload them a copy of a text-only resume, you are still always going to need a nicely executed traditional resume.

Why? Well, if a potential employer does locate your resume online (which – by the way – is much more likely to happen with our keyword-enhanced Upload-able Resume option), two things could happen.

1. They will contact you and ask you to email them a traditional resume along with some more information about yourself (e.g. portfolio examples) that they simply can’t view on the job boards or company website. Employers use this test all the time because it quickly weeds out the millions of lightweights out there who brag about themselves on their job board profile but have nothing to back it up with. Additionally, this presents the perfect opportunity for you to impress them with a beautiful PDF version of your resume that we automatically complete as part of every product package we sell.

2. A potential employer will find you through an online search and contact you to come in for an interview. At this point, are you really going to attend an interview without leaving behind the best possible advertisement of yourself – a beautifully done, traditional resume – when you leave? Or maybe you’re going to walk in with a text-only printout of the same thing you typed into the job board and expect to get hired on the spot for being so impressive? With either of these two situations, we wish you luck in getting hired (because – unless you look like Brad Pitt or have the personality of Robin Williams – you’re going to need it).

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