About us

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Resume to Interviews is a company that creates custom resumes, CV’s, cover letters and personal statements that stand out and get noticed among the mountains of resumes and CV’s that employers and recruiters have to wade through on a daily basis. At Resume to Interviews, our goal isn’t to create a good looking resume, or one that looks like others you’ve seen in your field.

We create resumes that are better than what you’ve seen before, and better than most hiring managers have seen before as well. That’s why they pick up the phone so quickly to set up interviews with our clients.

Just Some of Our Quick Numbers

Over 5,000 Resumes & CVs written
10+ years around the globe

We’ve built a global client base that spreads across
every conceivable industry and income level

We’ve done this almost entirely by word of mouth, customer reviews, and client referrals for friends and family.

We have been able to achieve a dedicated client base specifically because our resumes get interviews. This is the goal of any resume or CV, to secure an interview, and this is a goal we have helped thousands of customers achieve.

We are able to do this for any industry or any job type because of the process that we have created.

A process unparalleled in the resume writing industry. Our process combines our resume writing expertise with your knowledge of your industry and accomplishments to create a document that is 100% your own, while turning your experience into concrete accomplishments, which is the basis of any effective resume.

We do this by working with you closely and examining your history.

Asking hundreds of questions, pushing you for details, and eliminating any ambiguous, clichéd, or unspecific language. To do this requires a complete and total understanding of your work history. By the end of the process not only will we know your work history better than your spouse, you will have taken stock of your history, your accomplishments, and your selling points in a way that will leave you newly confident and prepared for the interviews your new resume will secure.