Career Networking Strategies


Most experts agree that the most effective way to find a new job is through networking. While everyone seems to grasp this concept and the importance of networking, most people struggle with implementing an effective networking strategy and rely too heavily and often unsuccessfully competing with the hundreds of candidates that apply to listings on the major job sites. This one-hour Skype session will teach you the 8 steps to an effective networking strategy and help you find jobs that aren’t listed and not nearly as competitive as the ones on the job sites.

You will learn how to effectively leverage your existing network of contacts by using the powerful technique of asking for an informational interview and then taking that a step further by having your network introduce you to their connections, creating a powerful multiplying effect to the number of people you can network with. You’ll learn how to leverage LinkedIn to reach out to your network and other influencers to make your search more efficient and productive.

The 8 strategies we will discuss are:

  • How to ask members of your current network for referrals
  • The importance of attending professional/trade meetings and shows
  • Joining professional or trade organizations
  • Volunteering
  • Attending networking events
  • Contacting former professors, college alumni and career services
  • Contacting former co-workers, vendors, customers/clients
  • Asking for informational interviews

Career Networking Strategies

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