7 Steps to Increasing Your Income Without Leaving Your Current Job

Many people believe that in order to make more money in your career, you need to change jobs. While that is often true, there are a number of ways that you can work within your current company to maximize your compensation. Regardless of which of these steps you choose to focus on, the most importantRead More

Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn Networking in Minutes a Day

Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn Networking in Minutes a Day LinkedIn is one of the most powerful professional networking tools you can use. No other platform allows you to network for business or career opportunities in one easy to use place. At Resume to Interviews we have helped many clients network by using LinkedIn forRead More

Our Critique of Ebeneezer Scrooge

• This is a great Summary, but Money Lender isn’t the best term. We prefer something like “Financial Manager”. • Your competencies aren’t really skills, so much as something you’d want to talk to a therapist about. Maybe try something like banking regulations, accounting practices, or programs you work with. Are you familiar with Excel?Read More

Job Interview Tips | Common Job Interview Questions

Before the Interview Research the Company It’s a smart move to learn more about the company you are planning to work for. You would not want to say the wrong things when talking about the company. The interviewers would be more impressed if you knew something about their current projects or other interests they have.Read More

Cover Letter Advice | Expert Cover Letter Tutorial

Cover letters are necessary when sending your resume through mail. While a resume gives your complete introduction to the potential employer, a cover letter adds that personal touch that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Keep your cover letter short. A cover letter’s purpose is to obtain an interview, not tellRead More

Resume Tips

1. Be neat and error free. Catch all misspelled words and grammatical errors. Make sure someone proofreads your resume, preferably someone attentive to details. Even the smallest error could land your resume in the reject pile. 2. Write a powerful opening statement. Form a solid, clear opening statement that will help you carry a focusedRead More

It’s Hard Out There for an English Major: Job Hunting with a Liberal Arts Degree

There’s an old joke: The scientist asks “why does it work”, the engineer asks “how does it work”, and the English major asks “would you like fries with that”. It’s a good joke, one every English major has invariably heard a few too many times from relatives, television, and other students. And for the recentRead More

Why Shouldn’t I Write My Own Resume?

I know myself better than anyone else, so it seems logical… It’s a commonly held default that everyone does their own resume; that this is something that you maintain yourself, like a little professional banzai tree. The resume is treated as an independent responsibility, and services like ours are often viewed as a luxury. We’dRead More