Customer Reviews

We are proud of our customer reviews. On these pages are a sample, by industry ,from the over 5000 resumes and career services we have delivered to our customers since 2007.

Our success is your success. We measure our success by the interviews you receive and by your satisfaction. We continually receive phone calls or emails from clients who say, “I got the job, I can’t believe it; it’s the job I really wanted.”

When we receive these calls we are just as excited as our successful client. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing we made a difference in someone’s life – and we do this every day!

Mark T., Tigard, Oregon / Information Technology

Posting an update, plus a copy of an email I just sent to ResumetoInterviews. Today I was offered a position, ending 20 months of unemployment. On top of that, it’s better in all ways than any of...More

Kitsch E., Ontario, Canada

“Well, here’s my testimonial. I can say I’m extremely impressed with the edits made and the new layout. The content is organized much more effectively and it’s something I’m eager to show em...More

Sam F., Victoria, Australia / Human Resources

It's been a month or so, but only now getting around to writing my review! First up, I should note I look at resumes all day for my job but it is never easy when it comes to writing your own. Someh...More

Sammy L., Quebec, Canada / Science

I wanted to just put in my 2 cents here: I ordered a resume and never got to the second proofreading/editing stage and still haven’t, because I sent it out to jobs on a whim and have basically been ...More

Chris R., Aukland, New Zealand / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I just wanted to say that I recently got a resume done through this service and it turned out great. It contains quite a few things which I simply wouldn’t have thought to put in my resume, such as ...More

John S., Chicago, Illinois / Telecommunication

Just got the final draft of my resume back. Resume to Interviews was awesome with communication and all in all the process went smoothly. I feel embarrassed as shit at the version I was sending out be...More

Toney A., Ottawa, Canada / Community, Social Services and Nonprofit

I ordered this service a few months ago and have recently started sending out the new and improved resume. The result have been good. I have had 4 interviews out of 6 applications compared to 0 call b...More

Justin C., Phoenix, Arizona / Education, Training and Library

Amazingly landed a job after a couple months of sending out the newer resume. Had more interviews than usual too. There are some areas I felt the service could have done better, but realistically k...More

Drake M., New York, NY / Information Technology

I’d just like to chime in with another good word for this resume service. Resume to Interviews helped me craft a great resume 2 years ago, which helped me land a job as a System Administrator for...More

Mike K., Chicago, Illinois / Accounting and Auditing / Graduate School

Heya Resume to Interviews! Just chiming in to update my situation so far. I’ve sent out well over 10 graduate accountant applications. I have received four replies back. Of this, three have been ...More

Daniel M., Queensland, Australia / Accounting and Auditing

Another update to my situation: sent out around fifteen applications, resulting in three interviews thus far with one more to come (possibly). That’s a fairly high success rate, considering most ...More

Michael M., Camarillo, California / Engineering

Just wanted to give some over due props for your service. Had my resume done in February and sent it out to maybe 20 places using craigslist and and posted it to career-builder, which score...More

Janice R., Boston, Massachusetts / Education, Training and Library

I’m going to post up a review, but this isn’t for me. A friend of mine from the Ukraine was in a bit of trouble – her supervisor quit and as a result her manager decided to fire the rest of the ...More

Alexander D., Parkville, Maryland / Customer Service and Call Center

Resume to Interviews wrote me a really good resume, considering the experience I have. I am a final semester senior in college and while I haven’t gotten a job in the industry I want (GIS or governm...More

Alison B., Tallahassee, Florida / Administrative and Support Service

Figured I’d share a short anecdote. One year ago, I was out spamming my awful resume for months with not as much as a response. I was desperate to get out of retail so I had no standards at all. ...More

Eugene P., Dallas, Texas

Six months ago I was waiting tables and watching my degree gather dust. After using Resume to Interviews’s service, I have since managed to secure what quite literally might be my dream job — doin...More

Bellinda E., Anchorage, Alaska / Nursing

Resume to Interviews is outstanding. I had Resume to Interviews put together a resume for me last fall. I went from an Army Officer to a Nurse Practitioner graduate student. The service promises resum...More

Will A., Union City, California / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Just got the final draft of my resume, and it’s awesome. Took about a month due to my slow response times, but the end result is great, and Resume to Interviews even accommodated some last minutes c...More

Britt H., Minneapolis, Minnesota / Financial Services

Resume to Interviews knows their stuff, and while I can praise Resume to Interviews’s thoroughness, professionalism, and ability to sift through my tangential comments to come up with solid content,...More

Sergio A., Trenton, New Jersey / Law Enforcement and Security

Resume to Interviews and I exchanged about 15 drafts before reaching a final. He was great at pressing me for information and fishing out the meaty details. And yes, the stuff that you may think nothi...More

John W., Gaithersburg, Maryland / Retail, Wholesale

Figured I’d share a short anecdote. One year ago, I was out spamming my awful resume for months with not as much as a response. I was desperate to get out of retail so I had no standards at all. ...More

Andrew W., Litchfield,Ohio / Construction, Mining and Trades

Throwing in a recommendation for these guys. They adapted to my very weird specialized job description (union trail construction/maintenance for a big park, lots of weird tool skills and specialize...More

Catherine R., New York, New York / Government and Policy

I got Resume to Interviews to do up a resume and cover letter for a specific job posting I really wanted. A few days after the posting comes down I now have an interview lined up for after the New Yea...More

William B., Seattle, Washington / Internet and E-Commerce

I got the service and we have finished creating my resumes. Honest self evaluation was more difficult than I thought it would be. When I got my version back, I would procrastinate for a few days befor...More

Eric C., Arlington, Texas / Finance and Economics

Hi Resume to Interviews. I used your service just over two years ago and only submitted 2 résumés. I received two interviews, one place telling that me that they didn’t currently have a job availa...More

John, K., Boston, Massachusetts / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I’m leaving South Korea in a month, so I decided it was time to start throwing my resume around. I uploaded it to a creative staffing agency’s website two or three days ago and received a request ...More

Robert, C., Cherry Hill, New Jersey / Human Resources

Thank you for all your help Resume to Interviews. Even if you think this service may not be for you there are only so many times in life you need a resume prepared and this is a fabulous way to presen...More

Sarah, T., New York, New York / Law Enforcement and Security

Honestly, I can’t say how much of it was the resume, but I got hired onto a paid fire department (hard and competitive as shit) on the very first time I applied (basically completely unheard of) and...More

Ryan, B., Seattle, Washington / Finance and Economics

7 Applications and 6 interviews, Good stuff....More

James, K., Dallas, Texas / Insurance

Just got my final draft. Even when he said it might be a few days between drafts, I’d open my inbox the next morning to find the next revision from Resume to Interviews. I’m very happy with the re...More

Lori, T., Columbus, Ohio / Hospitality and Tourism

I told myself I was going to wait until I actually got hired before I wrote my review, but the responses I’ve received so far have been crazy good. I lost my job on July 4th, I purchased the resu...More

Joe, C., El Paso, Texas / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I have absolutely no doubt the response has been because of the killer resume I now have. Will I actually land any of these gigs? I sure hope so, but I know I wouldn’t even be in the running if it w...More

Hannah, B., Baltimore, Maryland / Education, Training and Library

I am a horrible person and am posting this testimonial months later than I should be. I thought I had a decent resume coming out of university but wasn’t getting anywhere on the job front. Once R...More

Ronald, J., Atlanta, Georgia / Computers, Software

Guess what I’m doing on Monday? Starting my new job! RESUME TO INTERVIEWS, this job is exactly the job I wanted. Thank you for designing an incredible resume that really caught their eye! Before ...More

Daniel, F., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Insurance

My resume was a joke until RESUME TO INTERVIEWS took a look at it....More

Jacqueline, T., Miami, Florida / Financial Services

The place that I had my second interview at today just called back and offered the job, for the exact same salary as the one I lost. I am now employed! One of the other jobs I have an interview for ne...More

Andrew, H., Newark, New Jersey / Manufacturing and Production

Got my resume done, got an interview, got a job. RESUME TO INTERVIEWS, your service absolutely helped me get this job! I was going against people with way more experience, and having a resume that hig...More

Harold, L., Buffalo, New York / Finance and Economics

Just wanted to give more props to RESUME TO INTERVIEWS here: I got my resume done about a year ago but was not ready to move out of where I was. About 10 days ago I decided I wanted to move to a di...More

Peter, H., Norfolk, Virginia / Information Technology

I just want to vouch for Resume to Interviews, as an IT Systems Administrator myself their assistance helped me get a position I would say is an entire extra career step up from where I was currently ...More

Janice, T., Irvine, California / Sales

I’m pretty happy with Resume to Interviews and feel more confident about my resume now. Some of the things that are on there I would have never thought to list. Going to be using it this week to app...More

Patricia, R., Glendale, Arizona / Human Resources

I ordered my resume last week, rush service, and had a first draft back the next day. Just based on the first draft alone, I knew it was money well-spent. After years of having a crappy, run of the mi...More

Derek, O., Rochester, New York / Engineering

I just got the final drafts of my resume today and I have to say I am impressed. I did not order the rush service so it took a few weeks but it was within the stated times. I ordered the recent gradua...More

Nicole, H., Akron, Ohio / Government and Policy

RESUME TO INTERVIEWS has finished the final draft of my resume! It is GORGEOUS. Seriously. He took my years of experience and distilled it down into succinct, readable, understandable points that I be...More

James, W., London, United Kingdom / Manufacturing and Production

Running somewhat late on this, but I thought I’d say that Resume to Interviews put together a CV for me about 2 to 2.5 years ago that helped me get my current job. The manager that hired me has ment...More

Marie, K., Lancaster, California / Administrative and Support Service

I have an interview Monday! To those still in doubt, give RESUME TO INTERVIEWS your money. See above. I have an interview, and they’re not even done yet. Prior to working with them, nobody was ca...More

Steven, R., Dayton, Ohio / Accounting and Auditing

I was kind of skeptical when I first put down the money to have my resume edited, but it was totally worth it. With my new resume I’ve gotten 4 interviews in the past month with 2 of them shaping up...More

Justin, Y., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Retail, Wholesale

Just some positive feedback here. I’ve been throwing the same resume at this one particular business each and every time they listed a position for the better part of two years. I submitted one appl...More

Erin, D., Fargo, North Dakota / Community, Social Services and Nonprofit

I just wanted to stop in with some positive feedback. While I haven’t sent it out to anyone yet, I am pleased with the resume Resume to Interviews prepared for me (so much so that I am now ordering ...More

George, R., Wilmington, North Carolina / Computers, Software

Thanks again for the awesome resume help. Very patient and helpful revision process, and the resume itself is much improved. It helped me to get a consulting gig a few months ago, which has turned int...More

Howard, W., Clearwater, Florida / Engineering

This is probably just a reiteration of what has been mentioned time and time again, but this service really is amazing. I have a really bad track record that I’m trying to turn around, and Resume to...More

Kelly, M., New York, New York / Computers, Software

Been a while since I posted in this thread, but I just wanted to share some very good news. Resume to Interviews helped me redo my resume several months ago when I was motivated to get out of my crapp...More

Brandon, S., Arvada, Colorado / Arts, Entertainment and Media

A little bit late but dropping by to say Resume to Interviews did a fantastic job with my existing resume. I used to groan every time i read my resume, it wasn’t bad but not that great either (actua...More

Deborah, T., Everett, Washington / Engineering

My close friend got amazing results with your rewrite last year. Shitty market, recent grad, and he was looking for a mechanical engineering job in a limited locale. Literally went from 0 responses af...More

Will, M., West Chester, Pennsylvania / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Got my final resume from Resume to Interviews a few minutes ago, and it looks FANTASTIC! I had a concern about the length of the resume due to some requirements I had him leave in, and when Resume to ...More

Rachel, A., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Healthcare, Other

I recently used this service to get my resume redone, and I am more than satisfied with the results. The final result was in an entirely different league than the resume I made for myself previously. ...More

Jacqueline P., Berkeley, California / Human Resources

So I had my resume reviewed and completed about three weeks ago, and was on the fence about it. There is no doubt it looked better than what I had, but ultimately was unsure if the changes really did ...More

Cheryl, G., Athens, Georgia / Insurance

Another success story here. I ordered the resume and cover letter, and had the unique problem of having 5-6 companies very interested and juggling two offers. I’ve accepted an offer for 2.5 times my...More

Rachel, M., Denton, Texas / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Incredible service. This turned me around from 0 interview requests to having so many I couldn’t handle the scheduling....More

Stacey, G., Ann Arbor, Michigan / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Prior to RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s reconstruction of my resume, NOBODY WAS CALLING. RESUME TO INTERVIEWS finished my resume in 5 weeks. GORGEOUS! Modern, readable, my experience isn’t different, and ...More

Irvin W., Hamburg, Germany / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I got the job! I quite literally owe it to Resume to Interviews, as they contacted me because of my new CV. I would never have been found with my old CV....More

William W., Allentown, Pennsylvania / Finance and Economics

My resume was fairly light without much real experience, along with some employment gaps for various reasons when I sent it in to Resume to Interviews. I started getting calls in under 24 hours whe...More

Ryan, B., West Jordan, Utah / Education, Training and Library

Hey just wanted to say that this is a great service and it was well worth the money. My resume is way more informative and stylish now than it has ever been. Basically it kicks the shit out of my old ...More

Phil, J., Davenport, Iowa / Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

The resume they built me so far is really good and I feel more confident handing this one out than my previous ones....More

Elaine, K., Richardson, Texas / Law Enforcement and Security

I am currently in the Police Academy, couple fellow cadets were really impressed with my resume!...More

Dale, N., Stamford, Connecticut / Computers, Software

I worked with Resume to Interviews on my resume and it turned out brilliant. It makes all of my accomplishments sound so much better without exaggerating what I did. As soon as I got the final version...More

Hannah, B., New York, New York / Finance and Economics

Wowee! I love my new resume! I’m actually excited about searching for new jobs and posting my resume for others to see. This is a seriously amazing service. Resume to Interviews also has been very p...More

Rachel, D., New Haven, Connecticut / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Just got my new resume back and it’s definitely a massive improvement from my old one! Aside from improving the content itself, the way it’s presented is much more professional and nicer looking. ...More

Damon, C., Chicago, Illinois / Arts, Entertainment and Media

About a year ago, I had RESUME TO INTERVIEWS fix my resume. I’m a writer and editor, so I think the language of my old resume was pretty strong (and RESUME TO INTERVIEWS said the same). My problem w...More

Julia, R., Bristol, United Kingdom / Engineering

Just wanted to drop in and thank you for helping me! I really appreciate you putting up with my obsessiveness and I’m really, really happy with the outcome. It’s a serious looking CV and I’ll be...More

Blake, H., Detroit, Michigan / Sales

I just finished the resume process – I thought my old one wasn’t too bad but this new one is just much more detailed and specific about what I have done. It’s amazing to see how much you take fo...More

Gerard, D., Chicago, Illinois / Accounting and AuditingInformation Technology

Back in Dec or so I had Resume to Interviews do my resume in 2 pieces. One IT, one Accounting, been occasionally sending it out to companies no bites (as expected I only have an associates and some jo...More

Randy, L., Sunnyvale, California / Construction, Mining and Trades

It’s been a pleasure working with Resume to Interviews. I received my drafts under the specified time, and they answered all questions I had. Resume definitely looks better than what I came up with....More

Sarah, K., Glasgow, United Kingdom / Human Resources

I uploaded my new CV to a few jobsites last Tuesday. The same day a recruiter phoned me, but I wasn’t interested in the post but they said they’d bear me in mind for more suitable stuff. On Wednes...More

Matt, C., Yonkers, New York / Computers, Software

Another raving admirer of this service. I had my resume done over and started job shopping around for a field I had no direct experience in (all academic) and was a complete change from my current car...More

Billy, G., Columbus, Georgia / Community, Social Services and Nonprofit

Throwing in another glowing review for this service. I was really skeptical of how helpful this would be since, hell, I already know how to write a resume. Resume to Interviews showed me exactly how w...More

Frank, C., Oxnard, California / Computers, Software

Chalk me up as (at least) the second person with an interview at Google thanks to Resume to Interviews, despite me sending them an old version of my resume with a typo in one of the titles. Thanks Res...More

Jamie, F., Tacoma, Washington / Manufacturing and Production

One more testimony for the pile… So using his resume format as a template and tweaking as necessary for the relevant positions I’d apply to, I landed an awesome job as a Product Manager for a prof...More

Jim, M., Rochester, New York / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I signed up for a CV, and shortly after I submitted my info to Resume to Interviews I got a tip that the company I was targeting was processing the current round of applications the very next day. Res...More

Ruthanna, T., Reno, Nevada / Nursing

Wanna say that Resume to Interviews did my resume some 6 or 7 months ago and I’ve landed a 2nd job because of it. People really take a second look at a professional resume like this. I realize your ...More

Bob, H., Madison, Wisconsin / Administrative and Support Service

I’m currently in the drafting part of the resume. He has been prompt and provided excellent feedback. Anyhow, I’ll be referring his services to friends and my girlfriend. He has a top notch servic...More

Sheldon, D., Jersey City, New Jersey / Education, Training and Library

I have to say that I was skeptical about using this service; however, my initial reservations were totally unfounded. As I said earlier, I have an MA in English, but I don’t know the first thing abo...More

Jake, A., Lincoln, Nebraska / Sales

Chiming in to shower my praises for this service. RESUME TO INTERVIEWS took my original “meh” resume and awesome-fied it beyond my hopes and dreams. Learning what sort of things I could put on my ...More

Annette, A., Saint Paul, Minnesota / Hospitality and Tourism

Resume to Interviews just did mine and my god, they are amazing. This is an awesome service and what they do to a resume is great no matter where you are in life. I honestly can’t recommend this to ...More

Brian, W., Stockton, California / Computers, Software

I just got the final draft of a resume that I had Resume to Interviews do. It looks awesome, very very nice. Much better than the cobbled together shit that was my own creation....More

Darrin, T., Colorado Springs, Colorado / Government and Policy

I just wanted to say the following: Resume to Interviews has been a scholar and a gentlemen keeping up with my resume needs long past my original purchase. They have helped both my friends and family ...More

Taylor, E., Charlotte, North Carolina / Finance and Economics

I’d like to chime in on how happy I am with this service. I sent my resume to a recruiter last night who thinks she may have found me a position already. This recruiter even commented on how much ...More

Gloria, H., Jacksonville, Florida / Insurance

It took a couple weeks because I kept asking questions instead of doing what I was told, but RESUME TO INTERVIEWS made my resume look super-sexy! I haven’t done any statistical analysis but it fe...More

Vicky, L., Aurora, Colorado / Insurance

Sent my resume in this morning, got an interview offer two hours later!...More

Madison, B., New Orleans, Louisiana / Science

We’re still working on my resume but I just want to say that your feedback and quality of work already impresses me!...More

Jan, B., Henderson, Nevada / Arts, Entertainment and Media

There were a lot of moments where I felt pretty embarrassed about what I had as my original resume, but working with RESUME TO INTERVIEWS has been a fantastic experience. Thank you for having the pati...More

Matthew, L., Mobile, Alabama / Internet and E-Commerce

Just wanted to pop in again… I’m in Month 3 of the job RESUME TO INTERVIEWS helped me get, and month 8 of the budgeting service I started after seeing RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s success. Thank yo...More

Jean, W., Providence, Rhode Island / Nursing

Thought you should know that I got the job, and that the resume impressed. Again, thanks a ton for your help!...More

Andy, D., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Just because I feel like touting Resume to Interviews’ services some more, I just want everyone to know I just came back to them to update my resume. A few months ago their resume managed to miracul...More

George, J., Hartford, Connecticut / Computers, Software

I was skeptical at first, but I’m very pleased with the finished product. It helps so much to have a knowledgeable sounding board. Thanks, Resume to Interviews!...More

Liz, W., Eugene, Oregon / Accounting and Auditing

This service saved me. I had a horrible mess of information that I needed presented in an efficient and visually appealing way, and they handled it for me. I never imagined that I would want to pay fo...More

Katie, S., Naperville, Illinois / Government and Policy

RESUME TO INTERVIEWS, I just want to say your resume writing service thing is AMAZING. I just received a letter for an interview (second one in the last month and a half since i was laid off and paid ...More

Cedric, B., Midland, Texas / Retail, Wholesale

I just got the final draft of the resume late last night and I’m marveling how beautiful it sounds, not just by how good it looks. I’ve yet to use it but I’ll definitely refer this service to my...More

Russell, L., Chicago, Illinois / Construction, Mining and Trades

After 2 weeks with RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s resume, I just landed a job making well above the average salary for the occupation. $100 may seem like a lot, especially if you already have a resume writt...More

Pat, M., New York, New York / Accounting and Auditing

Thanks to Resume to Interviews, I just got a job offer in M&A tax in New York with a Big 4 accounting firm. Thanks for the help!!!...More

Kevin, D., Los Angeles, California / Construction, Mining and Trades

Just wanted to say that the final resume is tremendous. I went in with what I thought was an OK resume, and, well, the new one blows the old one out of the water. My first interview with the new resum...More

Juliet, L., Phoenix, Arizona / Administrative and Support Service

Got my final draft a few days ago, and it’s better than I had hoped for. Haven’t applied to anything yet, as I’m currently employed. But this resume makes me way more confident than my last one ...More

Jason, P., Fort Worth, Texas / Community, Social Services and Nonprofit

RESUME TO INTERVIEWS has been redoing my resume for the last week and they’re doing an amazing job. Just got Draft 2 and made the necessary comments/changes and sent it back. Looking forward to the ...More

Rory, B., Springfield, Kentucky / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I decided to purchase this service to update my resume and to make it look more professional. I felt like I had a pretty strong resume before using this service, but the competition at my university i...More

Daniel, A., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I’ve given a review before but I figured I’d write another one since I’m seeing results. I’ve been attempting to break into a highly competitive field and it’s been extremely difficult. Befo...More

Trevor, O., Portland, Oregon / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I paid for this about a year ago and got a sweet resume. With RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s help I was turned from a drunk college student into someone that is worth hiring. I got my Internship I was apply...More

Sean, N., Nashville, Tennessee / Science

I paid for RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s services last June, and they’re still helping me with it when I ask (plus the layout and wording of the resume is fantastic and always has been). Between the qual...More

Don, F., Cleveland, Ohio / Construction, Mining and Trades

Need your resume to be fixed up? Really need that job you’ve been thinkin’ about? … What the fuck are you waiting for? Get these guys to make your resume. I’m 100% satisfied with what I’ve g...More

Jessica, E., Boston, Massachusetts / Graduate School

Just wanted to follow up on the resume that I received a few months ago for my application to grad school. I found out this morning that I had been accepted! Given my mediocre GPA, I have to give a lo...More

Clark, G., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Graduate School

Just wanted to say these guys did great work on my resume for applying to grad school. He took the steaming terd that I had and turned it into a professional resume that is sure to serve me well....More

Mike, S., Anchorage, Alaska / Construction, Mining and Trades

I got my draft back earlier today, ironed out a few minor details, and just received my completed resume a few minutes ago. Simply put, this thing looks slick and I can’t wait to show it off! Thanks...More

Connie, L., Newark, New Jersey / Retail, Wholesale

I got my resume done a few months ago but I finally got to looking for a job for this coming May, I’ve never had so many callbacks and compliments on my resume, definitely a big help and way bette...More

Jenna, L., Toledo, Ohio / Human Resources

I just received my finished resume the other day and I just wanted to add onto the praise and say that Resume to Interviews does a first rate job on these. I’ve already received numerous compliments...More

Kyle, A., New York, New York / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Welp, not more than a couple weeks after I got my resume redone by Resume to Interviews, I got a new job. In this market and in my geography, this is incredible for me. Awesome service and can’t rec...More

Shauna, F., Cherry Hill, New Jersey / Internet and E-Commerce

I just realized that I never came back here to say how things went. First of all, thank you!!! I got three callbacks, three interviews, and two job offers. Having this resume, and all of the advice fr...More

Ralph, N., San Diego, California / Human Resources

Posting to say that, while I can’t be sure it was all because of them, Resume to Interviews’s resume helped me get an internship, then a full time position, at a huge Fortune 500 company. Thanks R...More

Jesse, F., Seattle, Washington / Healthcare, Other

If any one is thinking they don’t have enough information to give, you’re wrong! I thought that there was nothing I would be able to give them but I was wrong. They turned in the little informatio...More

Nick, H., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / Accounting and Auditing

Just got my finished resume this afternoon and it looks great! They did way better then I ever could of and they made it look fit and trim. Any one debating if they should do this or not, if you get t...More

Donald, S., Baltimore, Maryland / Customer Service and Call Center

I got my resume and it looks fantastic! Already scored an interview 72 hours within receiving it. Another very happy customer!...More

Maria, S., El Paso, Texas / Sales

I got a call back from the internship. The first round interviewer said that my resume rose to the top of the pile. At the other two rounds of the interview cycle my resume was mentioned as being well...More

Johnny, B., Raleigh, North Carolina / Engineering

I’ve had the new resume for a little over a month now and boy did it make a difference! I’ve had about 10 different places contact me based on the resume alone. I’ve had 4 or 5 in person intervi...More

Bradley, F., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Financial Services

After getting literally zero response with my old resume, I just got a phone interview the day after I applied with my revised one (at a company I’d already applied to, no less). Awesome!!...More

Shelby, U., Avalon, New Jersey / Government and Policy

I felt like I had a very strong resume already before starting this, and recruiters I have worked with in the past have agreed, but I believe the resume I ended up with is far superior in terms of bot...More

Trevor, C., Bakersfield, California / Engineering

Let me just give an update on my experience with Resume to Interviews. They turned around my resume and answered each and every question. I was floored with just the first draft. They caught a few...More

Corey, T., Tampa, Florida / Hospitality and Tourism

Resume to Interviews is a master at what they do. Give them your money. They give you hope. Seriously....More

Jim, R., Manchester, United Kingdom / Graduate School

Another success story: I thought I had a pretty decent academic CV. I had gone online and used templates to conjure up a solid document. I didn’t think it could be improved all that much, but when i...More

Gary, G., Toronto, Canada / Arts, Entertainment and Media

He’s done a pretty good job so far with mine and my girlfriend’s CV considering I am a Canadian with international experience and my gf is a German also with international work experience. There m...More

Tommy, S., Leeds, United Kingdom / Internet and E-Commerce

I’ve just used Resume to Interviews and I’m from the UK – I’m impressed. There’s a few cultural differences that you need to iron out, but none of it really relates to the content that they ...More

Lori, C., Norfolk, Virginia / Retail, Wholesale

Another positive experience! I was hesitant at first to give it a try since I took some courses while at Virginia Tech that required us to review and write our resumes. Resume to Interviews did a grea...More

Dom, I., Yonkers, New York / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I cant recommend this service enough, my resume looks 100x better. This service is a steal for what you get from it. I’d also recommend getting the cover letter as well....More

Eden, L., Salt Lake City, Utah / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I wanted to post about the impressive turn-around and fantastic looking first draft. I was surprised how many things weren’t in my resume that should have been there, especially after having it revi...More

Russell, M., Santa Rosa, California / Telecommunication

I had been spamming out my old resume for a couple months, only got one interview over the course of 6 months, did not get the job. I saw the banner while I was sitting around in my underwear eating ...More

Rachel, A., Cape Coral, Florida / Administrative and Support Service

Just went through the process, and the final result is light years better than what I could have done myself. Definitely pleased with it!...More

Freda, S., Joliet, Illinois / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I just wanted to give a testimonial of my service. I purchase both the resume and cover letter services last week for a job I desperately want to get. All I can say is that I am seriously glad I made ...More

Blake, D., Hollywood, Florida / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I thought the same thing before I just went ahead and paid him. There’s really nothing astounding about me other than that I have done a lot of things. I don’t have any awesome accomplishments out...More

Steve, I., Hampton, Virginia / Law Enforcement and Security

Hey Resume to Interviews, that resume finally got me a internship with my state’s EMA/Homeland security agency, so thanks for that!...More

Heather, M., Columbia, South Carolina / Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Excellent work as always; got a resume touch up with a re-target for an entirely new industry and with the few tweaks made it looks like a whole new resume. Well worth the money. Will continue to reco...More

Danielle, E., Nashville, Tennessee / Community, Social Services and Nonprofit

Well, submitted my resume for a job and I just got done with a phone interview today! Thanks!!...More

Lee, C., Cedar Rapids, Iowa / Engineering

Just wanted to write a testimonial to this interviewing service. I already had a phone interview in place with a VP for an industry leading company. I contacted RESUME TO INTERVIEWS for both resume se...More

Mark, S., Billings, Montana / Government and Policy

Just wanted to let you know I sent out the resume you made for me for the first time last Friday for a Statehouse internship. I got a call back two business days later for an interview, thanks again!...More

Clay, P., Erie, Pennsylvania / Accounting and Auditing

I applied to 16 accounting firms last year, and I got 2 interviews. I applied to 14 accounting firms after going through RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s service, and now I have 13 interviews next week. So it...More

Grace, P., Flint, Michigan / Education, Training and Library

The process so far has been pretty painless. The service I’ve gotten has been very professional… if I had any complaints at all it might be that the correspondence while working on my resume has...More

Dale, K., Centennial, Colorado / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Today I had an interview for a job in which I actually have relevant experience. I highly recommend this service; I’ve been throwing resumes at the wall for about a year and none of them stuck. A fe...More

Floyd, H., Louisville, Kentucky / Computers, Software

Just chiming in with a great testimonial. I had my resume redone by Resume to Interviews’s service to target 2 specific yet closely related fields. I applied to only 1 job with each of the resumes 2...More

Pablo, R., Amarillo, Texas / Government and Policy

Resume to Interviews did a superb job with my resume. Thanks to them, I have an interview on Monday. That isn’t bad, considering that I’ve had this resume for less than a month and I lack relevant...More

Kristi, P., San Francisco, California / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Just wanted to chime in and say how amazing Resume to Interviews’ work is. I offered up a steaming pile of shit and they managed to turn it into an AMAZING resume. If your the type of person that ha...More

Rob, G., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Just got my resume in it’s finished format and it’s looking excellent. I’m a designer by trade and am especially impressed by the language used. The format looks very clean and nice as well and ...More

Harold, N., Cincinnati, Ohio / Accounting and Auditing

I just finished my resume work with RESUME TO INTERVIEWS, for $90 I got 40ish emails back and forth about every part of my resume.I sent it to the place I interned for them to take a look at, and they...More

Vincent, T., Riverside, California / Telecommunication

I’m just chiming in as another satisfied customer. I’m a recent college graduate with a slight amount of work experience, but thanks to this service I had one of the most baffling (in a good way) ...More

Tyler, X., Saint Louis, Missouri / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Well, here’s my testimonial. I’m extremely impressed with the edits made and the new layout. The content is organized much more effectively and it’s something I’m eager to show employers. I ju...More

Stanley, P., Phoenix, Arizona / Education, Training and Library

Just chiming in to say I am going through this site again. Price has gone up but the service is still undervalued. Right after I graduated I landed an internship working as the only other performance ...More

Tyler, H., Las Vegas, Nevada / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Anyone reading this thread is probably already feeling slightly nauseous from all the ringing endorsements, but I’m going to add one more. I was a bit skeptical as to what a third party could add to...More

Heather, B., Ocean City, New Jersey / Finance and Economics

I have two job interviews next week. Thank you....More

Craig, K., Toledo, Ohio / Computers, Software

Alright, I’m a believer. I’ve never had an invitation to interview within a hour – literally – of sending my resume and cover letter. Well fucking done....More

Rachel, W., Baltimore, Maryland / Retail, Wholesale

I’ve had my revised resume up on Monster for approximately 48 hours, and I’ve had 4 serious hits already. If I ever have to do this again, I won’t hesitate. Thanks again....More

Amber, B., Raleigh, North Carolina / Community, Social Services and Nonprofit

I’ve been in contact with RESUME TO INTERVIEWS throughout the entire process of polishing up my resume. When I sent it in, I thought it was OK- nothing stellar, but a hell of a lot better than many ...More

Shaun, J., Henderson, Nevada / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I fully endorse this product. I got my shiny new resume and cover letter, sent them out and I have an interview tomorrow. Awesome job guys!...More

Ashley, G., Memphis, Tennessee / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Just got my first revision back, it’s looking really nice. The job descriptions are really good, better than I was writing and I WORKED THERE....More

Alexander C, Silicon Valley / Information Technology

"I have an interview at Google tomorrow, based on my resume. I think I'd call that a success."...More