Customer Reviews

We are proud of our customer reviews. On these pages are a sample, by industry ,from the over 5000 resumes and career services we have delivered to our customers since 2007.

Our success is your success. We measure our success by the interviews you receive and by your satisfaction. We continually receive phone calls or emails from clients who say, “I got the job, I can’t believe it; it’s the job I really wanted.”

When we receive these calls we are just as excited as our successful client. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing we made a difference in someone’s life – and we do this every day!

Mark T., Tigard, Oregon / Information Technology

Posting an update, plus a copy of an email I just sent to ResumetoInterviews. Today I was offered a position, ending 20 months of unemployment. On top of that, it’s better in all ways than any of...More

Kitsch E., Ontario, Canada

“Well, here’s my testimonial. I can say I’m extremely impressed with the edits made and the new layout. The content is organized much more effectively and it’s something I’m eager to show em...More

Sam F., Victoria, Australia / Human Resources

It's been a month or so, but only now getting around to writing my review! First up, I should note I look at resumes all day for my job but it is never easy when it comes to writing your own. Someh...More

Sammy L., Quebec, Canada / Science

I wanted to just put in my 2 cents here: I ordered a resume and never got to the second proofreading/editing stage and still haven’t, because I sent it out to jobs on a whim and have basically been ...More

Chris R., Aukland, New Zealand / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I just wanted to say that I recently got a resume done through this service and it turned out great. It contains quite a few things which I simply wouldn’t have thought to put in my resume, such as ...More