6-10 Years Work Experience Resume


With between six and ten years of experience in the workforce, you are a seasoned mid-career professional, and you are going to need a mid-career resume or CV that reflects that fact. At this point in your career, you are an expert at something, even if that something is being a jack-of-all-trades, so you need to present yourself as such by creating a resume or CV that it is tight, focused, and filled with only content and accomplishments that are relevant to the jobs you seeking. Thankfully, we know how to create mid-career resumes and CVs that do just that.

If you have between six and ten years of experience, you have done a lot in the workforce and you need to demonstrate that while not letting your key skills and accomplishments get buried. Balancing the big accomplishments on one hand and the breadth of your skills and responsibilities on the other is a tricky proposition, and finding that perfect balance is different for everyone depending on their history and what kind of jobs they are seeking. Many mid-career resumes and CVs that we see suffer from being either way too long or way too general. We understand that you can use accomplishments and projects to highlight skills without getting lost in the details. We also understand that although those first couple of jobs out of college might have been important in your development as a professional, they might not need to occupy the same amount of space that they did a few years ago.

You might have a few different types of jobs or industries that you plan on applying to. With your experience, it is going to be very important that you create multiple versions, since the amount of experience you have is going to mean that some things are going to be relevant for applying to some jobs but not for others. When you purchase any resume or CV creation package from Resume to Interviews, you have the option of purchasing multiple versions for just a few dollars more. You will receive a set of tight and focused resumes or CVs tailored to specific positions and jobs. At this point in your career, you have enough experience to sell yourself to a wide variety of jobs. Keep your options open with Resume to Interviews.

6-10 Years Work Experience Resume

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