Resume and CV Writing Process

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  • Questionnaire
  • First Draft
  • Collaborate & Revise
  • Finalize

Purchase the right package based on your background.

packageRTI offers writing packages to fit any level of experience. Simply choose the package that best fits the number of years you’ve been in the workforce. Even if you are changing careers and have little experience in your new field, choose the option that reflects your entire work history, since we are going to have to review that history for anything that could be useful in your new field. If you have any trouble determining which is appropriate for your career, you can reach us at 484-416-0009 and a member of our team will help determine the best package for you.

Choose your add-ons

ResumetoInterviewsOn the next screen, you can customize your order by selecting adjustments to your resume and additional services. This includes splitting your resume into different versions for specific career goals, faster turnaround time of your drafts, cover letters, LinkedIn profile updates, or personal statements. We also offer a variety of Career Consulting Services including Job Search Strategies, Interview Coaching, Networking Strategies, and Compensation Negotiating

Our Resume Questionnaire

After your order is received by us, you will be sent our questionnaire via email. The first step is to fill it out as best as you can, save it on your computer, and email it back to us.
You should be as thorough as possible on the questionnaire, but don’t worry about providing long, narrative explanations. Keep your answers brief, simple, and to the point. After we have all the fundamental information, your Editor can begin expanding on what you have provided. Try to touch on as many specific aspects of your career as possible, rather than going into any huge amount detail.

First Draft

The first draft of your document will contain the information you submitted in a brand new format. We use a tried and true style that has proven successful across dozens of industries. We are always tweaking and improving it to make it as relevant as possible without falling prey to passing trends.
In this part of the editing process, you will only find questions related to the most basic details, such as dates, locations, and titles of your jobs and organizations. The major changes in stage one and two will come from asking probing questions regarding the entirety of your experiences. We just ask for your patience in this first stage as we work on the formatting and basic organization of your document.

Communication and Collaboration

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Here’s how our communication and collaboration works:
We will write questions in the body of a Microsoft Word document. The questions will point to individual lines and words so it is very clear what we are asking about. We will ask for numbers, details, context, time lines, or general clarification. We will then email this Microsoft Word document to you.

You will open the document and answer the questions in the text bubbles we used to ask the questions. Follow the instructions at the top of the document for how to see and answer our questions. Try and be as specific and direct as possible. Then just save the document and email it back to us. If you have questions, just ask them in the comments. You can always give us a call at 484-416-0009 if you have questions or concerns you need addressed right away.

We will then incorporate your answers into the document, rewriting, editing, and deleting bullet points accordingly. We might reorganize information based on a new understanding of your career. We will then have follow up questions which we will then write in the body of the document. Then we will send it back to you and repeat the process until the document is perfect!

This back and forth continues for between 4 – 10 drafts, depending on how well you answer the questions and how much information we have to go over. At the end, we will send you a final draft in .doc and .pdf formats. If you have any issues or questions, we will answer them or we will continue to work on the draft after until you are 100% satisfied.


  • ResumetoInterviewsSTAGE 1 OF 3In the first stage of the editing process you will only find questions related to basic details, such as dates, locations, and titles related to your work and academic history. During this stage, we are building the time line and structure of your document. This first stage of editing will only last between one and three drafts.
  • ResumetoInterviewsSTAGE 2 OF 3

    In the second stage we will ask you specific questions about your jobs, projects, education, etc. We will incorporate your information into the document while we construct bullet points and explanations of your history. We will focus on turning duties into accomplishments and demonstrating your skills through specific achievements. At this stage, the document will become larger, the bullets will become more extensive, and descriptions of your positions will become more detailed. This won’t look pretty, but it will allow us to move into stage three with as much information as possible.

    This information gathering stage will take between 2 – 6 drafts depending on how detailed your information was to begin with and how detailed or relevant your answers are.

  • ResumetointerviewsSTAGE 3 OF 3

    In the third and final stage we will transition from gathering information to communicating it as effectively as possible. We will edit and rewrite for grammar, spelling, flow, style, and consistency while making sure the document is the appropriate page length. We will also double check and add industry terms and buzzwords as necessary. This stage should take 1-3 versions depending on how clear the grammar is after stage 2.

    We will then complete the final draft. If you ordered multiple versions, we will create those at this time.


After stage three is complete we will send you the final draft of your resume or CV in .doc and .pdf formats. We ask that you review the document to make sure that all of the information included is accurate. At this point, we will begin working on any of the add-on services you may have bought, like cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, reference documents, personal statements, interview coaching, job search strategies, networking strategies and compensation negotiation.