Top Ten Employers in Massachusetts and How to Land a Job With Them

Are you a recent graduate, working professional, continuing your education, or transitioning into a new industry in the Massachusetts area? Using information gathered from Flexjobs,, and Boston Globe, we’ve put together a list of the top ten employers in Massachusetts to help ensure the success of your summer job hunt. Finding quality employers is every bit as vital to a successful job search as finding your target industry. By conducting research on the top companies in your area, you’ve provided yourself with a significant advantage during the hiring process, as you’ve obtained valuable insights into what qualifications and experience these employers are looking for and what potential there is for long-term career growth.

1. Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc.

Bright Horizons is a child-care provider that features pre-school and early education programs. With over fourteen thousand employees, this company makes the top of our list of quality employers due to the variety of positions available and the amount of resources and support they provide to staff for career advancement. Through Mary Ann Tocio University, they offer a tangible path towards continuing your education while building valuable work experience, and even offer potential forms of tuition reimbursement. Teachers and educators are highly sought after, but they also offer quality corporate careers for directors, administrators, business managers, and support staff, including diligent training programs through their leadership institute. After identifying what type of position best suits your interests and qualifications, our resume editing services could help align your current work experience, accomplishments, and education with the goals of this prestigious company. The ability to coordinate across various departments will be vital to whichever position you choose to pursue at this company.

2. Cisco Systems

Although Cisco Systems is a multinational technology conglomerate and the largest networking provider in the world, this employer has a strong base in Massachusetts and offers a unique opportunity for software engineers to provide feedback, influence company direction, achieve salaries of over $134K per year. The emphasis on collaboration, as well as the potential for growth and salary advancement, makes this prestigious corporation an ideal target for career advancement in the technology industry. Highlighting innovative process improvements and solutions to complex technical issues from your work history will be vital for not only landing a position at this company, but also for future salary negotiations and career growth.

3. Massachusetts General Hospital

Being the largest hospital in Massachusetts, and one of the largest private employers in the Boston area, MGH has over 28K employees, including seven thousand nurses and clinical staff. The hospital is extremely high volume, and as a result provides excellent salaries, with nurses making over $72K per year, which is 7K above the national average. Given the size, scope, and quality of this hospital, this employer provides a strong opportunity to build valuable work experience in the medical industry with an extremely competitive salary rate. Our services would help highlight your technical skills, certifications, and academic experience to give you the best chance at landing a position with one of the most renown hospitals in the country.

4. Aquent

Originally founded in 1986, Aquent is a major staffing and recruiting agency with an emphasis on marketing professionals. Considered by thought leaders to be one of the largest recruiting providers in the country, this company offers a plethora of opportunities to advance your career in a number of different directions. Graphic Designers and Information Technology specialists benefit greatly from the company’s unparalleled networking capabilities and free lance opportunities, while recruiters and consultants can advance their careers through collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the industry. In addition, the company also provides strong benefits and continued education opportunities, providing its employees with plenty of tools to continue refining their technology and marketing abilities.

5. Alere

A leading medical device company, Alere employs a quality driven approach to delivering diagnostic tests for patients across the globe. Account Managers and Client Representatives are highly sought after, but Alere also employs Medical Specialists and Paramedics in order to ensure the successful implementations and delivery of its products. This company’s commitment to improving clinical care for patients and to it’s team members make this organization a highly attractive employer. Average salaries begin at $68K per year with ample room for advancement.

6. Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a highly successful bio-technology company with average starting salaries ranging from $60-$80K. They’ve invested immense resources into research and development in order to develop cutting edge health care products and lab equipment, which has resulted in over $18B in annual revenue across the company. Medical researchers would benefit greatly from the opportunity to work with their state of the art technology, which stands at the forefront of the industry, but the true benefit of working for a company of this size is the sheer amount of opportunities available across various professions. Sales representatives, HR professionals, marketing specialists, and program managers would all benefit from building a career here, especially considering the potential for long-term growth in a highly lucrative and stable working environment.

7. Nixon Peabody LLP

A global law firm with its headquarters located in Boston, Nixon Peabody has appeared in Fortune 100 magazine as one of the best companies to work for over three times. Founded in 1999, this organization presents excellent opportunities for law associates whether they’ve just passed the bar exam or if they’re looking for a new firm to invest themselves in. Administrative assistants looking to transition into a paralegal role would also benefit greatly from the resources on-hand, as salaries for paralegals range from $45K to over $100k. And yet despite its value to one’s career, what truly sets this law firm apart from other potential employers is its generosity and its commitment to championing human rights. In 2016, their attorneys devoted over 33K hours to pro-bono work related to domestic violence, immigration, and veteran’s affairs.

8. Rockland Trust

Founded over 100 years ago, Rockland Trust is a commercial bank that has grown considerably since its inception. While being one of the smaller companies on our list, this is a culture driven employer that provides strong benefit packages to its staff. Boston Globe has recognized its commitment to its employees each of the past seven years, and surveys have indicated a continuous trend of high employee satisfaction. Although the potential for long-term growth within the company may be limited due to its size, we feel that this company presents an excellent opportunity to lay foundational career blocks for the future while providing generous benefits in the present.

9. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel website companies in the world with a net worth of over $1.4B, and its headquarters are located in Needham, Massachusetts. This company should be of particular interest to IT professionals and engineers, as it possesses an atmosphere of a startup company with an emphasis on innovation, but with the security that comes from having a credible industry brand. While average salaries for software engineers and product managers are over $100K, this company also takes great lengths to compensate its interns, which makes this an excellent company to begin building one’s professional portfolio. The average compensation for interns at this company is $24.83 an hour.

10. Hubspot

What is unique and appealing about Hubspot as a developer of marketing and sales software is the comprehensiveness of its marketing solutions. While individual tools lack depth in certain areas, the all in one approach of its products has been highly regarded by customers and industry thought leaders. The appeal of this employer, especially for sales and marketing professionals, is the company’s emphasis on innovative content creation for its tools and products, which is experience that could prove invaluable further down the career path. Average salaries for marketing consultants and account managers range from $63K-$70K.

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