Month: September 2014

Let’s Rip Apart NFL Champ Tom Brady’s College Resumé

An Open Letter to Tom Brady: Dear Mr. Brady/Tom/Tommy Boy/T-Braidz: Thank you for sharing your college resume on Facebook for all of us to admire and be inspired by. I’m sure in your heart it must be a comfort to know that if this whole NFL Quarterback/Part-Time Model gig doesn’t work out, there will alwaysRead More

Back to School? Good For You! Now, How To Present It In Your Resume…

Back To School Just because you’re going back to school and job searching at the same time (and sleeping never, apparently,) doesn’t mean that your resume will automatically be sent to the back of the pile. It’s very common for working professionals to seek to finish old degrees, start new ones, or to complete newRead More

For the Smart, a Facebook Page and a Resume Follow the Same Rule: Choose What You Share

What Does Your Facebook Page and Your Resume Have in Common? If You’re Smart, You’ll Choose What You Share You know that Facebook friend you have who’s plastered across your dashboard because they tend to overshare? You know the one — a picture of every meal they eat, a status to tell you they totallyRead More