Month: October 2013

LinkedIn Optimization: How to Use LinkedIn To Land A Job

LinkedIn has literally changed the entire landscape of job hunting over the course of only a few years. Before the popularization of LinkedIn, it was much, much, harder to find relevant job postings. You used to pour through the newspaper classifieds (for you recent college graduates: a Newspaper is like the Internet, except made fromRead More

How to write an effective Customer Service Resume

Customer service resumes are among the hardest resumes to draft, but when they are done right (which they rarely are), they can be among the most effective. Whether you work as a Sales Associate, a Barista, a Cashier, or as any other type of Customer Service Representative also known to some as “CSR’s”, following theseRead More

Resume Sections You May Have Missed To Help You Find Jobs

Resume writing is as much of a science as it is an art. Which is probably why it seems that nobody has ever been able to tell you exactly what resume sections you should have. Sure, everybody knows to include their name (hopefully) and a work experience resume section, but what if you haven’t doneRead More