Nicole, H., Akron, Ohio / Government and Policy

RESUME TO INTERVIEWS has finished the final draft of my resume! It is GORGEOUS. Seriously. He took my years of experience and distilled it down into succinct, readable, understandable points that I believe will speak to prospective employers.
I had an interview today. They were impressed with my resume. What resume? Well, I sent them a mere draft that RESUME TO INTERVIEWS had worked on. Yes. That is how good he is. That is how good this service is.

Not only that, RESUME TO INTERVIEWS has built my shaken and somewhat insecure ass up via email at every single turn. I interviewed well. I have a second interview. This is the job I want.

Is it because of RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s service? I’ll tell you this, I don’t believe in coincidences. They produces a great product, at a laughably reasonable price, and provides a confidence boost, free of charge. They are sincere in their drive to HELP YOU.

I paid, what, a bit over $100? WORTH EVERY FREAKING PENNY. Go shop the competition. Last time I got my resume professionally done, it was the early 90s (cripes I’m old) and it cost me over $300. That’s like $5.2MM in today’s dollars.

DO IT. Get your resume done. I might have a job soon. Me. It’s more likely than you think.