We’ve Got You Covered: Cover Letter Writing Tips

Cover letter writing is kind of a big deal, but don’t let that scare you. Without a cover letter, your resume is naked, and cover letter writing should bolster confidence, not tear it down. This is the first time employers will see your communication skills, as well as your attention to detail. To help you cover yourself, we have some cover letter writing tips to make you grab the employer’s attention and land that next big job interview.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Be Direct:

Cover letter writing is not like describing yourself on a dating site. Get to the point in the first two sentences. Open by saying “I am interested in the ___ position with ___ company which I found through ____.” Your potential employers know why you’re writing them, and they will appreciate the directness.

Support Your Claims:

The first rule of cover letter writing, like any writing, is “Show, don’t tell.” Instead of saying “I have leadership qualities,” show them that you do by describing a group of people that you led or managed in order to complete a project or accomplish a goal. Cover letter writing is a game of examples at the end of the day and you want to make sure you demonstrate your qualifications thoroughly.

Read Your Resume:

Never include anything from your work history in your cover letter that isn’t also on your resume. If it’s important enough to mention in one, it’s important enough for the other. Especially avoid putting whole jobs or major projects into your cover letter writing that aren’t supported by the specifics on your resume. You want to select accomplishments that are backed by strong numbers and also align with the goals of the company you’re applying for.

No Begging, No Crying:

Your cover letter writing is not your journal. Do not tell your employers about the reasons you left your last job, or why you need this one. Instead focus on what you have to offer them. And if you will need to relocate for a job, don’t tell them you are willing to move. They will assume you are by the fact that you applied.

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