Resume Sections You May Have Missed To Help You Find Jobs

Resume writing is as much of a science as it is an art. Which is probably why it seems that nobody has ever been able to tell you exactly what resume sections you should have. Sure, everybody knows to include their name (hopefully) and a work experience resume section, but what if you haven’t done that much work? That question is something we encounter and have written a few things on the matter. Good news is you’re not alone and even more good news is here are two resume sections you may have forgot to include!

Use Those School Projects In Your Resume Sections And They Will Finally Pay Off

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I know some of you have less-than-fond memories of your college projects. Remember? Those things that kept you and your group-mates up late, drinking coffee and working until the campus Security Guards switched shifts at 6 a.m.? You’ve put a lot of work into your projects, and it’s time to show it. Dedicate a resume section to Academic Projects that you’ve worked on recently; it will help show how you’ve applied all of that knowledge you gained from school, instead of how you’ve applied your knowledge of french fries and drive-thru windows. And no employer will read a resume section dedicated to that.

Don’t Forget To List (The Right) Skills:

Most resume sections meant to detail people’s job skills actually end up reading more like a bad dating profile. Telling an employer that you are “hard-working” and “well-organized” isn’t going to impress them. Guess what: everyone is going to say they’re hard-working and well-organized. And frankly, your employer isn’t going to expect that you aren’t. Instead of wasting precious resume space talking about what a fantastic employee you are in theory, just show them. Dedicate a resume section heading to your skills; a job skills resume section can be a great chance to list your knowledge of industry concepts and practices, as well as the software, programs and tools you are familiarized with.

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Choosing which resume sections to include on your resume is one of the most important factors in drafting an effective resume that will land you some interviews. So think hard, and pick the resume sections that will highlight all of that stuff you’re proud of.


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  • Add these two often overlooked resume sections to your resume: Listing your Technical Skills and Academic Projects helps highlight your best work experience

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