In the Spirit of Giving: Job Interview Tips

The holiday stress– oh, I mean “season” is here! If you’re like everybody else, you’re probably a little overwhelmed around this time of year. You have to go grocery shopping for the family dinner, you have dozens of gifts to buy, and on top of everything else, you have a few job interviews lined up for after the holiday season. In the spirit of giving, your good friends here at Resume To Interviews are here to help by offering these two job interview tips that will help you appear confident and professional during any interview.

Job interview 0001 300x200 In the Spirit of Giving: Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips!

1. Get Your Facts Straight

The first thing you should do before a job interview is learn everything you possibly can about the company: it’s policies, it’s structure, and if possible, the person who will be interviewing you. Utilizing Linkedin is a great way to find out information. You can do it privately by changing your profile settings, or even public. There are benefits to both. Make sure you are able to confidently and intelligently discuss the job expectations, benefits, and work conditions with your interviewer. This will prove that you already understand the job you are applying for, and if you don’t, that you’re willing, able, and excited to learn.

2. Walk The Line

There is a very, very fine line between confidence and arrogance (we’re looking at you, Kanye) and we all know that employers aren’t interested in interviewing and arrogant person. A tip for nailing those job interviews is to act confidently (and never arrogantly). Here’s an example:

Instead of saying something like:

“I feel like I learned a lot during my last job.”

Infuse that thought with a healthy dose of confidence, and try:

“I’ve learned these specific skills while at my last job, and I will be able to apply them to this position by doing this, this, and this.

Notice how much more confident the second candidate sounds than the first. The first candidate said he “felt like” he learned a lot, whereas the second candidate told you that he had learned specific, tangible skills, AND is able to prove it by listing how he will be able to apply those skills to the company. Remember that a major difference between confidence and arrogance is the ability to back-up what you are saying with facts and examples.

What do you think of those Job Interview Tips? Do you agree or disagree with us? As always we love to hear your feedback!


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