Our Critique of Ebeneezer Scrooge


•This is a great Summary, but Money Lender isn’t the best term. We prefer something like “Financial Manager”.

•Your competencies aren’t really skills, so much as something you’d want to talk to a therapist about. Maybe try something like banking regulations, accounting practices, or programs you work with. Are you familiar with Excel?

•You need to fill out the full page. Anything less looks like you haven’t really done much with your career. You’ve apparently been in the workforce since before I was born. You don’t have any office management experience?

•Increasing profits is great, but you don’t really want to brag about firing staff. Instead we would talk about how you reduced necessary billable hours. Basing the accomplishments around your actions is much more constructive.

•I wouldn’t suggest talking about tossing children into the snow. It’s a good rule of thumb to not include instances of assault in your resume. In fact, really anything that could get you questioned by the police should be left out.

•Your biggest problem is that you keep writing your biography here. This happens with a lot of clients; you get so caught up in your relationship to these jobs that you can’t talk about them in objective terms. Think about this document in simple, concrete terms.
Employers don’t want to get to know you, they want to know what they’re getting for their money. So, probably leave out the part above losing the love of your life.

•Paying taxes isn’t really something to brag about. If it’s expected of you, don’t include it on the resume. This implies that you think this is exceptional.

•What is a Muppet? Is that a profession?

•For Fezzywig Incorporated, I don’t really know what you were doing for a living. Were you managing accounts payable?

•Can you graduate boarding school Suma Cum Laude? Did you attend college?

•Is Celestial Chain like Salesforce? Or Photoshop? I’m not familiar with that program?

•We typically avoid colored text on a resume. It tends to look a bit tacky.

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