Getting a Job is a Numbers Game

For those of you who have purchased resumes or CV’s from us recently, we like to thank you for your business. It’s a great time to be a resume writer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and we like to thank all of you for that. Now that you have your professionally created CV or Resume, it’s important to think about how you are going to use it. As easy as it is to think of a Resume to Interviews Resume as a Golden Ticket to a fulfilling and well-paying job, it’s not quite that simple. You have to get your Resume in front of eyeballs, and those eyeballs should be connected to brains that make hiring decisions. That’s how Resumes to Interviews get interviews. After all, if a Resume clearly and confidently asserts the accomplishments of a job seeker in the woods, and nobody hears it, does it make a noise? I don’t know, but I do know it doesn’t get interviews.

The most important thing to remember when applying for jobs is this:

Getting a job is a numbers game. It always surprises me how few people seem to understand that. We get a good amount of customers who use our services to target one specific job opening. That’s fine if you have a job you are content with and you see a particular opportunity you like, but if you’re unemployed, unhappy with your job, or a graduating senior, it’s a terrible strategy.

After you use our resume writing service, get your resume out there. It’s almost graduation time you slacking seniors! Apply to everything that you think is even remotely related to your skills and interests. Don’t waste time wondering if it’s a perfect fit. You can figure that out once they get back to you. Go on all the job listing websites, and fire off as many resumes and cover letters as you can.

Also, while it is a good idea to post your resume on job sites, don’t expect that strategy to generate to much in way of responses. You need to find openings and send your Resume off. Always send a cover letter with it, as well. You should tailor the cover letter for each job. You should edit the Resume for each industry, but not for each job.

Because getting a job is a numbers game, you shouldn’t stop sending out your Resume once you get a few interviews. They might lead to jobs, they might not. Either way, you need to keep sending out your Resume to as many companies as possible until you secure a job. Until then, there is no reason to assume anything.

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Here are some people who did secure new jobs with Resume to Interview Resumes and CVs. Congrats guys!

  • Katie is now a Talent Acquisition Recruiter at a Global Fortune 500 company.
  • Zhixia is now a Nurse at a Community Health Clinic.
  • John is now an Engineer at a Manufacturing Firm.
  • Sharese is now  a Graphic Designer at a Women’s Magazine.
  • Doug is now a Project Manager at a Video Game Development company.

Alright, now everybody else get out there and get a job! Good luck! Not done with us yet? Check out what Resume to Interviews has been up to at the start of 2012.


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  • College graduates should remember that getting a job is a numbers game. Don’t stop if you get one interview. Keep on applying!

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