April Showers, May Raises

May is as good a time as any to earn that raise you have been eyeing for months. But tread carefully because you do not want to rustle the waters at work. The best way to be considered for a raise is after a job performance review. Some company’s schedule these automatically every six to twelve months. Some company’s do not do this at all. If you are fortunate to work for a boss that issues performance reviews please make sure you prepare ahead of time.

Before Asking For A Raise..

Consider a Figure

How much you deserve is dependent on your wage from the previous year. Consider the performance of the company since last year to determine how much you deserve. If the company did not increase sales or layoffs were common, you better keep quiet. You probably will not be getting much and I do not see anything you can do about it either. That Is…short of finding a new job.

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Company Profits Are Up?

But if the company has been doing quite well you also deserve to be fairly compensated. That is where an updated resume  will come in hand. Cough cough, it only costs $15 to update your resume with my help. The updated resume will need to list your most recent achievements since you began the job. Do not bring the actual resume to the interview. Simply copy the job description and accomplishments from your updated resume onto a new document. When your boss offers a raise that is lower than you expected, you should be able to explain your accomplishments orally and in writing.
Your boss will probably tell you, “This is the raise every other employee is getting across the board.” Don’t buy into tactic until you have explained your position that you are a great worker because of all of your recent achievements. There is always room for a special case like yours, you, who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Take a Look at This Free Raise Request Template

I started the process for you. Once you create that updated resume feel free to paste the new job description directly into this handy template that you may download at https://www.resumetointerviews.com/RaiseRequestTemplate.doc

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Let me leave you with one of my favorite most recent reviews of Resume to Interviews:

“I can finally post in this thread with feedback. I ordered the new college grad one with an add-on cover letter. I’ve scored interviews with every single one of the big three miners and a few up and comers here in Australia. These places get around 10,000 applicants a year and hire around 50. I am in talks with securing my dream job out of university, and this is with only a GPA of around 2.8. I wholeheartedly endorse these services.”


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