Simple Resume Writing Tips for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you all know what that means: turkeys, wishbones, and your Aunt asking you if you’ve found a job yet (for the thirtieth time). Well this year, your friends at Resume To Interviews will help you show up to that Thanksgiving dinner prepared. Here’s a few simple resume writing tips that will help you land a job you’ll be able to brag about over football and cranberry sauce.

Captain Obvious

When it comes to resume writing, you never want to seem like Captain Obvious. That mean’s you’ll want to avoid using phrases like “available for interview” and “references available upon request”. These are two lines that appear on hundreds of thousands of resumes every year, even though every employer in the world is fairly certain that, if they’ve received your resume, you’re interested in an interview.

You Stay Classy, Resume Writer

While you’re sending out your resume, especially if you’re in a creative field like Graphic Design or Fashion, you might feel tempted to spice your resume up with some fresh colors and fonts. While tricks like these may make your resume appear more creative and eye-catching, some employers may not even bother to read it. Here’s the deal: most employers are looking to hire the most valuable professional possible, and a neon-pink resume won’t exactly convey your professional demeanor. Just keep your resume classy and simple, and let your creative personality show during the job interview.

No Pictures, Please

Ever since Microsoft Word has made attaching a picture to your resume as simple as dragging and dropping, job-seekers have been doing just that. Employers don’t care what you look like (even if your mom says you’re handsome), so never include a photo with your resume unless explicitly told to do so. Photos will distract from the actual content of your resume, and you’ll be able to use the extra space you save to add a few more lines of valuable info.


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  • Alleviate some of your holiday stress. These three resume writing tips will help you land a job before the holidays, so you’ll have more time for turkey.

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