“People PAY For That?”

This is one of the most common responses we get when I tell people that I’ve spent the past seven plus years creating resumes, CVs, and cover letters for clients all over the world. It’s an understandable reaction, really. As you’ve no doubt realized, everyone has their own idea of what a resume should be, and everyone thinks they know the right way to do it.

If this were true, no one would ever get turned down for work, and jobs would basically be a “first come first serve” basis.

I have created a new video that shows those practical ideals in a few easy steps. In case flashing a paystub from your new job isn’t enough to stifle the skeptics, You can usually flash a paystub from your nice new job to stifle the scoffs, but just in case, this video outlines the basics of how I do what I do, and my team’s approach to creating the best documents.

You can even use it as a DIY guide. Click the image to watch.


Click to watch

Share this video with your friends and family who may be wondering makes a resume valuable. You can even use it as a refresher course when you need to update your resume again (which we still do starting at $15.)


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  • If you want a job, you need a resume. Yet nobody can seem to agree on what a resume should look like. www.ResumeToInterviews.com will show you how.1: Context is Everything2: Everything Can be Turned into an Accomplishment3: Specificity Eliminates Doubt4: Better to be Relevant than ImpressiveThese principles are easy to put into practice. But if you want to see how a professional uses them, visit resumetointerviews.com and check out our no-risk resume creation packages.Happy hunting!

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