Job Interview Tips | Common Job Interview Questions

Before the Interview

Research the Company

It’s a smart move to learn more about the company you are planning to work for. You would not want to say the wrong things when talking about the company. The interviewers would be more impressed if you knew something about their current projects or other interests they have.

Prepare for Common Questions

What are some of the common questions interviewers are bound to ask? They will probably ask a lot of open-ended questions such as “Tell me more about yourself”. Here is your chance to showcase your skills, talents and traits that are most suited to the job you are applying for.

A variation of this question would be “Describe your strengths and weaknesses”. Don’t just tell your strengths. Telling your weakness shows that you are aware of yourself. But also show that you are able to overcome your weakness because of your strengths. For instance, you may not have much computer skills but you are a fast learner.

Be prepared to explain why you left your previous company. Be diplomatic about this. Do not criticize your previous employer. It just leaves a bad impression on you.

Draft a List of Questions to Ask

You may have some questions about pay structure and your priorities in the job. Write them down on a piece of paper and bring it for the job interview.

Dress Up!

Dress as you would if you were to work in the position in that company. First impression lasts!

Bring Extra Resumes

You may need copies of your resumes just in case they ask for more.

During the Interview

Be On Time!

Being late is an absolute no-no!

Body Language

Watch your body language. Have good eye contact! Give a firm handshake at the beginning of the interview. Make sure you smile often during the interview. It tells the interviewer that you are a pleasant person, easy to work with and is confident.

Be Enthusiastic!

Being enthusiastic will portray the positive aspect in you. It shows that you are interested and have the energy to be a part of a vibrant and dynamic company.

Be a Good Listener

A job interview is not just a time for you to talk, but also for you to listen. Listen for cues that maybe you are talking too much. Listen for clues about what traits they want in the personnel they are going to hire and formulate your answers accordingly.

Establish a Rapport with the Interviewer

It’s important that you establish a rapport with the interviewer as he may give some tips to you later on.

Think on Your Feet

Interviewers like to ask scenario-based questions. You must be prepared to think on your feet in answering them. There is no perfect answer. Try putting yourself into the shoes of the position you are applying for when you answer such questions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Remember the list of questions you would like to ask. A good interviewer will give you the opportunity to ask them. Don’t be afraid to ask them.

Be Yourself!

Lastly, you need to be honest to the interviewer and yourself.

After the Interview

Send a “Thank You” Note

After the interview is over, send a “thank you” note to the company, reiterating your interest in the position, your qualification for the job and appreciation for time they have given you.

Follow-up Phone Call

If you think that the company is taking too long to reply, maybe a follow-up phone call is in order to find out if the position is still open and why they are taking a long time to reply on the result of the job interview. They may be checking your references, for all you know.

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