Author: Resumetoi

Resume Sections You May Have Missed To Help You Find Jobs

Resume writing is as much of a science as it is an art. Which is probably why it seems that nobody has ever been able to tell you exactly what resume sections you should have. Sure, everybody knows to include their name (hopefully) and a work experience resume section, but what if you haven’t doneRead More

The Resume Words You’re Saying That Are Costing You Jobs: How to Improve Your Resume Skills

I’d like to cover some of the most common mistakes related to resume words I see people put on their resumes believing that they’re what employers want to see. We’ve all received bad career advice at some point in our lives and this tends to translate itself into a mess of buzzwords, catchphrases and meaninglessRead More

When The Economy Collapsed Scared Job Seekers Enrolled in Graduate School…Now What?

This is the time of year where thousands of new grads throw their caps in the air, with all their newly-learned knowledge fresh in their minds, ready to go forth and enter the job market, applying all that they’ve learned and realized… into moving back into their parents’ house. Let’s face it, the job marketRead More

Five Ways to Fill Up a Resume When You Haven’t Done Anything

This is the time of year when college students start working on their resumes for summer jobs and internships. This can be a scary thing for a college student for a two reasons. The first is that college students probably have very little or no experience writing resumes. The second is that college kids haveRead More

How to Create and Order the Bullet Points In a Resume Job Entry

Last month, we talked about how to order the sections of your resume. This month we are going to zoom in and talk about how to create and order the bullet points in a resume job entry. When writing bullet points, you should take the same approach that professional sports teams and reality dating showsRead More