Author: Resumetoi

Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume While Still in College

February is rolling around, which means that all of you college kids are back in school mode after obscenely long winter breaks and that first week of classes during which “going over the syllabus” actually counts as a lesson plan. So enjoy being back at class, but also know that now is when you canRead More

Everybody Talks: Opinions and Resume Advice Sources

Everyone needs a resume or CV….and nearly everybody has resume advice. Well, except maybe professional athletes, drug dealers, and members of the royal family. But all of us normal and legally employed people need resumes. This also means everybody has created a resume or looked at a resume at some time or another. Which meansRead More

Show, Don’t Tell When Writing Resumes (and Online Dating Profiles)

There is an old adage about writing… That goes something like “show, don’t tell.” The idea is that good writing shows what the author wants to communicate, and through showing lets the point communicate itself. Bad writing tells the reader things. It’s the difference between saying “the eagle spread its wings and displayed its mightyRead More

Did you graduate college without a job? It’s not to late to find a job.

Finally, College is Over…. You graduated college. Congratulations. You fought your way through that brutal final stretch run of exams, review sessions, and all-nighters in the library. You can finally say you are a college graduate. But during all that time spent trying to make sure you got your diploma, did you make sure toRead More