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Mike K., Chicago, Illinois / Accounting and Auditing / Graduate School

Heya Resume to Interviews! Just chiming in to update my situation so far. I’ve sent out well over 10 graduate accountant applications. I have received four replies back. Of this, three have been ...More

Daniel M., Queensland, Australia / Accounting and Auditing

Another update to my situation: sent out around fifteen applications, resulting in three interviews thus far with one more to come (possibly). That’s a fairly high success rate, considering most ...More

Steven, R., Dayton, Ohio / Accounting and Auditing

I was kind of skeptical when I first put down the money to have my resume edited, but it was totally worth it. With my new resume I’ve gotten 4 interviews in the past month with 2 of them shaping up...More

Gerard, D., Chicago, Illinois / Accounting and AuditingInformation Technology

Back in Dec or so I had Resume to Interviews do my resume in 2 pieces. One IT, one Accounting, been occasionally sending it out to companies no bites (as expected I only have an associates and some jo...More

Liz, W., Eugene, Oregon / Accounting and Auditing

This service saved me. I had a horrible mess of information that I needed presented in an efficient and visually appealing way, and they handled it for me. I never imagined that I would want to pay fo...More

Pat, M., New York, New York / Accounting and Auditing

Thanks to Resume to Interviews, I just got a job offer in M&A tax in New York with a Big 4 accounting firm. Thanks for the help!!!...More

Nick, H., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / Accounting and Auditing

Just got my finished resume this afternoon and it looks great! They did way better then I ever could of and they made it look fit and trim. Any one debating if they should do this or not, if you get t...More

Clay, P., Erie, Pennsylvania / Accounting and Auditing

I applied to 16 accounting firms last year, and I got 2 interviews. I applied to 14 accounting firms after going through RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s service, and now I have 13 interviews next week. So it...More

Harold, N., Cincinnati, Ohio / Accounting and Auditing

I just finished my resume work with RESUME TO INTERVIEWS, for $90 I got 40ish emails back and forth about every part of my resume.I sent it to the place I interned for them to take a look at, and they...More

Ashley, G., Memphis, Tennessee / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Just got my first revision back, it’s looking really nice. The job descriptions are really good, better than I was writing and I WORKED THERE....More