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Justin C., Phoenix, Arizona / Education, Training and Library

Amazingly landed a job after a couple months of sending out the newer resume. Had more interviews than usual too. There are some areas I felt the service could have done better, but realistically k...More

Janice R., Boston, Massachusetts / Education, Training and Library

I’m going to post up a review, but this isn’t for me. A friend of mine from the Ukraine was in a bit of trouble – her supervisor quit and as a result her manager decided to fire the rest of the ...More

Hannah, B., Baltimore, Maryland / Education, Training and Library

I am a horrible person and am posting this testimonial months later than I should be. I thought I had a decent resume coming out of university but wasn’t getting anywhere on the job front. Once R...More

Ryan, B., West Jordan, Utah / Education, Training and Library

Hey just wanted to say that this is a great service and it was well worth the money. My resume is way more informative and stylish now than it has ever been. Basically it kicks the shit out of my old ...More

Sheldon, D., Jersey City, New Jersey / Education, Training and Library

I have to say that I was skeptical about using this service; however, my initial reservations were totally unfounded. As I said earlier, I have an MA in English, but I don’t know the first thing abo...More

Grace, P., Flint, Michigan / Education, Training and Library

The process so far has been pretty painless. The service I’ve gotten has been very professional… if I had any complaints at all it might be that the correspondence while working on my resume has...More

Stanley, P., Phoenix, Arizona / Education, Training and Library

Just chiming in to say I am going through this site again. Price has gone up but the service is still undervalued. Right after I graduated I landed an internship working as the only other performance ...More