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Chris R., Aukland, New Zealand / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I just wanted to say that I recently got a resume done through this service and it turned out great. It contains quite a few things which I simply wouldn’t have thought to put in my resume, such as ...More

Joe, C., El Paso, Texas / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I have absolutely no doubt the response has been because of the killer resume I now have. Will I actually land any of these gigs? I sure hope so, but I know I wouldn’t even be in the running if it w...More

Will, M., West Chester, Pennsylvania / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Got my final resume from Resume to Interviews a few minutes ago, and it looks FANTASTIC! I had a concern about the length of the resume due to some requirements I had him leave in, and when Resume to ...More

Rachel, M., Denton, Texas / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Incredible service. This turned me around from 0 interview requests to having so many I couldn’t handle the scheduling....More

Stacey, G., Ann Arbor, Michigan / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Prior to RESUME TO INTERVIEWS’s reconstruction of my resume, NOBODY WAS CALLING. RESUME TO INTERVIEWS finished my resume in 5 weeks. GORGEOUS! Modern, readable, my experience isn’t different, and ...More

Jim, M., Rochester, New York / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I signed up for a CV, and shortly after I submitted my info to Resume to Interviews I got a tip that the company I was targeting was processing the current round of applications the very next day. Res...More

Daniel, A., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I’ve given a review before but I figured I’d write another one since I’m seeing results. I’ve been attempting to break into a highly competitive field and it’s been extremely difficult. Befo...More

Kyle, A., New York, New York / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Welp, not more than a couple weeks after I got my resume redone by Resume to Interviews, I got a new job. In this market and in my geography, this is incredible for me. Awesome service and can’t rec...More

Freda, S., Joliet, Illinois / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

I just wanted to give a testimonial of my service. I purchase both the resume and cover letter services last week for a job I desperately want to get. All I can say is that I am seriously glad I made ...More

Kristi, P., San Francisco, California / Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Just wanted to chime in and say how amazing Resume to Interviews’ work is. I offered up a steaming pile of shit and they managed to turn it into an AMAZING resume. If your the type of person that ha...More