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Ronald, J., Atlanta, Georgia / Computers, Software

Guess what I’m doing on Monday? Starting my new job! RESUME TO INTERVIEWS, this job is exactly the job I wanted. Thank you for designing an incredible resume that really caught their eye! Before ...More

George, R., Wilmington, North Carolina / Computers, Software

Thanks again for the awesome resume help. Very patient and helpful revision process, and the resume itself is much improved. It helped me to get a consulting gig a few months ago, which has turned int...More

Kelly, M., New York, New York / Computers, Software

Been a while since I posted in this thread, but I just wanted to share some very good news. Resume to Interviews helped me redo my resume several months ago when I was motivated to get out of my crapp...More

Dale, N., Stamford, Connecticut / Computers, Software

I worked with Resume to Interviews on my resume and it turned out brilliant. It makes all of my accomplishments sound so much better without exaggerating what I did. As soon as I got the final version...More

Matt, C., Yonkers, New York / Computers, Software

Another raving admirer of this service. I had my resume done over and started job shopping around for a field I had no direct experience in (all academic) and was a complete change from my current car...More

Frank, C., Oxnard, California / Computers, Software

Chalk me up as (at least) the second person with an interview at Google thanks to Resume to Interviews, despite me sending them an old version of my resume with a typo in one of the titles. Thanks Res...More

Brian, W., Stockton, California / Computers, Software

I just got the final draft of a resume that I had Resume to Interviews do. It looks awesome, very very nice. Much better than the cobbled together shit that was my own creation....More

George, J., Hartford, Connecticut / Computers, Software

I was skeptical at first, but I’m very pleased with the finished product. It helps so much to have a knowledgeable sounding board. Thanks, Resume to Interviews!...More

Floyd, H., Louisville, Kentucky / Computers, Software

Just chiming in with a great testimonial. I had my resume redone by Resume to Interviews’s service to target 2 specific yet closely related fields. I applied to only 1 job with each of the resumes 2...More

Craig, K., Toledo, Ohio / Computers, Software

Alright, I’m a believer. I’ve never had an invitation to interview within a hour – literally – of sending my resume and cover letter. Well fucking done....More