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John W., Gaithersburg, Maryland / Retail, Wholesale

Figured I’d share a short anecdote. One year ago, I was out spamming my awful resume for months with not as much as a response. I was desperate to get out of retail so I had no standards at all. ...More

Justin, Y., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Retail, Wholesale

Just some positive feedback here. I’ve been throwing the same resume at this one particular business each and every time they listed a position for the better part of two years. I submitted one appl...More

Cedric, B., Midland, Texas / Retail, Wholesale

I just got the final draft of the resume late last night and I’m marveling how beautiful it sounds, not just by how good it looks. I’ve yet to use it but I’ll definitely refer this service to my...More

Connie, L., Newark, New Jersey / Retail, Wholesale

I got my resume done a few months ago but I finally got to looking for a job for this coming May, I’ve never had so many callbacks and compliments on my resume, definitely a big help and way bette...More

Lori, C., Norfolk, Virginia / Retail, Wholesale

Another positive experience! I was hesitant at first to give it a try since I took some courses while at Virginia Tech that required us to review and write our resumes. Resume to Interviews did a grea...More

Rachel, W., Baltimore, Maryland / Retail, Wholesale

I’ve had my revised resume up on Monster for approximately 48 hours, and I’ve had 4 serious hits already. If I ever have to do this again, I won’t hesitate. Thanks again....More