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Gary, G., Toronto, Canada / Arts, Entertainment and Media

He’s done a pretty good job so far with mine and my girlfriend’s CV considering I am a Canadian with international experience and my gf is a German also with international work experience. There m...More

Dom, I., Yonkers, New York / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I cant recommend this service enough, my resume looks 100x better. This service is a steal for what you get from it. I’d also recommend getting the cover letter as well....More

Eden, L., Salt Lake City, Utah / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I wanted to post about the impressive turn-around and fantastic looking first draft. I was surprised how many things weren’t in my resume that should have been there, especially after having it revi...More

Blake, D., Hollywood, Florida / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I thought the same thing before I just went ahead and paid him. There’s really nothing astounding about me other than that I have done a lot of things. I don’t have any awesome accomplishments out...More

Dale, K., Centennial, Colorado / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Today I had an interview for a job in which I actually have relevant experience. I highly recommend this service; I’ve been throwing resumes at the wall for about a year and none of them stuck. A fe...More

Rob, G., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Just got my resume in it’s finished format and it’s looking excellent. I’m a designer by trade and am especially impressed by the language used. The format looks very clean and nice as well and ...More

Tyler, H., Las Vegas, Nevada / Arts, Entertainment and Media

Anyone reading this thread is probably already feeling slightly nauseous from all the ringing endorsements, but I’m going to add one more. I was a bit skeptical as to what a third party could add to...More

Shaun, J., Henderson, Nevada / Arts, Entertainment and Media

I fully endorse this product. I got my shiny new resume and cover letter, sent them out and I have an interview tomorrow. Awesome job guys!...More