Author: Resumetoi

How To Write a Systems Administrator Resume That Doesn’t Suck

For our series on industry-specific resumes, this week we’ll take a look at how to write a systems administrator resume that doesn’t suck. Sounds simple, yes? But, just as your bosses and clients sometimes expect you to “just make it work again!” without understanding what that actually entails, so too is it more difficult toRead More

How to Create a Paralegal Resume That Will Get You Interviews

The more you target your paralegal resume for the field you want to work in, the more effective it will be in getting interviews. But if you want to be a paralegal, what are you supposed to highlight in your resume? Doesn’t the person doing the hiring already know exactly what a paralegal does? Show,Read More

Why Aren’t I Hearing Anything Back From My Job Search??

Is Anybody Out There? Image Credit: Susanne Nilsson on Flickr If you’re new to the job search game, (or haven’t been thrown into it since before, say, the 2008 crash,) you might be wondering right about now–where the hell is everybody?? Your day probably looks a little something like this: you fire up one of those massiveRead More

Get Single for Valentine’s: How to Let Your Old Job Down Easy

You don’t want to get stuck buying candy for the job you haven’t gotten around to ditching. Breaking up is hard to do– but not that hard. It’s February, and all your friends have finally stopped posting Instagram photos of themselves at the gym. But have you followed through on your resolution to get aRead More

Back to School? Good For You! Now, How To Present It In Your Resume…

Back To School Just because you’re going back to school and job searching at the same time (and sleeping never, apparently,) doesn’t mean that your resume will automatically be sent to the back of the pile. It’s very common for working professionals to seek to finish old degrees, start new ones, or to complete newRead More